Designing Your Site

Once you have made your decision and you might agree with us on what is the best option, that is to purchase a ready made theme, then we get to work together with you.

First we need to zero in on what your business is and what you would like for your website design, just so you don’t spend hours or days searching through all the themes available. Just give us some basic information about your business and maybe a site or two that you like the design of and it doesn’t even need to be from your industry. We’ll then do some research based on our experience building other sites for similar businesses and send you the links to a few that you might like or at least you can tell us what you like or don’t like about them. That will help us to further refine our search.

Once we agree on the design you are free to purchase the theme yourself; however, we have found that it is often better for us to do the purchase for many reasons. First of all we probably already have accounts set up with the vendors and a relationship with the developers, so we know what to expect of them and they know what we are capable of so we don’t ask a lot of dumb questions. Many of them also know we like their designs and promote them so they need to keep us in their good books.

Up front we are completely honest with you about everything we do. Regardless of how much work we do customizing your design the code is made totally available to you. You are not married to us in any way on future work required, although we are very proud that we have never lost a client. We are more than happy to show you or your staff how to keep the site up-to-date yourself, such as writing a blog or adding photos.

To be perfectly honest and frank, the only time we refused to release our code in thirty years was when a client didn’t pay us for our work. We had our suspicions when we started and should have asked for a deposit. Live and learn.

After you have decided on a theme for your site the first housekeeping issue is we need to register your domain. That involves checking out whether the name you want is available and, if it’s not, what alternative names are. The more generic your name is the harder it will be to register. TLD (Top Level Domains) have pretty well been used up years ago. Even those that were registered decades ago just to protect the domain name have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. sold for ninety million dollars! And that was way back in 2005.

Over the years we have dealt with a number of what are called registrars who are authorized to register domain names. Back at the very start of the world wide web in 1985 most domains were dot com which stood for commercial. Although dot com is still the most popular, today there are 280 extensions like dot site, dot tv, and many more planned. Although it is slightly more expensive to register the country extension, dot COM dot MX, we believe it shows support for Mexico and clearly shows that to your visitors. We have found that Akky is the registrar with the best prices and support for dot com dot mx domains and we will register your site once you have found the name you like. It has proven to be far better for us to register your domain for any follow-up support from Akky.

After your domain is properly registered it doesn’t do any good to have it floating around in cyberspace. It needs to be hosted somewhere. After years of major and frustrating issues with some of the largest hosting companies in the world, like BlueHost, GoDaddy and many others, and moving all our sites time and time again, we found the best hosting company in the world, SiteGround. Their technical support is amazing! Immediately available by chat or email with quick turnaround times. We highly recommend using them plus, for now at least, your hosting ifs FREE! We have added several client sites to our hosting plan and so far SiteGround hasn’t complained. We will need to start charging for hosting if they change their minds, but your costs will be minimal and we take care of any technical support requests with them.

Once we have your domain registered and your hosting in place we then add what’s called the DNS (domain names servers) and within about twenty-four hours you are LIVE! We then upload the theme you have chosen and get to work. More about that in Designing Your Site.

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